560K River Road
Fair Haven, NJ 07704

We at The Pilates Project take the health of our staff and customers very seriously. As the Coronavirus spreads worldwide, we are taking precautions to keep the studio clean. Transmission in normal healthy adults is best controlled by simple hand washing and surface sanitizing. To that end, we are reminding all clients to commit to the following:

WASH YOUR HANDS when arriving at the studio. Soap and water for 20-30 seconds is the best formula. Alternatively, use the provided alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

WEAR SOCKS! Our sock policy will be fully enforced. As your feet and hands migrate between the floor, the footbar and your face, a simple barrier is worthwhile.

PRACTICE RESPIRATORY ETIQUETTE. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue, then throw it in the trash can. We are well stocked with tissues.

WIPE DOWN EQUIPMENT! We have added extra disinfectant to our spray bottles for the vinyl padding. Hospital grade wipes kill all viruses and are available for the handles, bars, springs, and other hard surfaces. Pay attention to the handles, footbars, roll back bars, push through bars, shoulder blocks and wherever your hands linger. This is key to keeping our equipment germ free.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Finally, please err on the side of good judgement if you are feeling ill. Staying home may be the best choice to increase community resilience. We will not be charging for late cancellations due to illness.


DAILY SWEEPS. Additionally, our team is implementing a diligent “sweep” of all common touch points such as the front desk, benches and doorknobs in the studio with disinfectants which will occur repeatedly throughout the day.

EXTRA CLEANING. As always, we have a professional cleaning service in the studio once a week and are doing an extreme clean of the studio after every shift.

CLEAN HANDS. Instructors always wash their hands between each and every session!

SICK DAYS. Our team knows if they are feeling unwell, to take the day off.


GO HANDS OFF. You can always request a touch-free session. We are equally proficient in verbal and visual cueing.

REQUEST A VIRTUAL SESSION. Some of our instructors can teach you online. Work out from your home with us from your device.

Thank you so much for your help in adhering to these guidelines and keeping the Pilates Project a safe and healthy space.