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Meet our teacher in training Amanda Ross. Amanda loves Pilates so much that she took on the Real Pilates 600 hour classical teacher training program so she could share her passion with others.  Her leap from Pilates student to teacher in training started after a double mastectomy last year. “Pilates has helped me both mentally and physically and has become part of my self-care plan!” Read more about her story in our Apprentice Spotlight Q & A and why she feels like she’s now stronger than ever!

Q . What made you want to teach Pilates? 

A. The decision to teach Pilates came on the heels of being diagnosed with breast cancer last year. After going through all the procedures and surgeries, I decided that moving forward I want to enjoy every moment of my life and do the things that bring me joy. Pilates has always been the outlet I have needed. It has helped me heal physically and mentally from back, hip and breast surgeries. My body is stronger and healthier because of it and I want to be able to share that with others.

Q. What is your movement background?

A.  As a child I practiced dance, gymnastics, swimming, basketball and softball. In my teen years I kept with swimming, walking, running and started weight training well into my 30s, but when I started to have back issues (due to a car accident) I learned about Pilates and that has stuck with me ever since.

What is your favorite thing about teaching so far?

A. My favorite thing is the diversity in my clients – their bodies are all so unique and I enjoy the challenge and working to that body in front of me and making them feel good when they walk out the door. I especially love the texts I get later in the day or the next thanking me for how great they feel.

Q. What do you like to do when you are not in the studio?

A. When I’m not in the studio I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, whether that be being outdoors, enjoying a good meal or listening to our favorite band. I also enjoy the downtime to meditate, read, journal and just relax!

Would you recommend the Real Pilates Program to others interested in teaching Pilates?

A. Yes, its a great comprehensive program, that focuses on “real” classical Pilates and not some of the contemporary, modern things you see out there today. I was taught classically from day 1 and find that the movements in this practice is what was meant for your body without causing any injury in the long term!