560K River Road
Fair Haven, NJ 07704

Meet Justine! Justine is a runner, triathlete, former gymnastic coach, and high school English teacher. She is now training to be a Real Pilates instructor.

What made you want to teach Pilates?
After spending many years teaching gymnastics, followed by years of competing in triathlon, I started to feel that I was losing my ability to exercise efficiently and/or without frequent pain and injury. After being introduced to Pilates and experiencing profound improvement in my mobility, flexibility and overall fitness, I wanted to share the workout with “everyone!”

Pilates is full of aha moments. What is one of your most memorable lightbulb moments?
I think the great thing about Pilates is that, for me, every workout has one of these moments! The system of exercises builds on itself and it is exciting when new elements are added.

What is your favorite apparatus and why?
I absolutely love the Ladder Barrel! Compact, and full of surprises!

What is the best part of Real Pilates Teacher Training and what is the most challenging?
The best part of RPTT is that the program is supported by a great curriculum-and mentors who are so happy to help you every step of the way.

You can book a private with Justine here or join her Community Mat Class Mondays at 830 am.