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Meet our Real Pilates teacher in training  Paulette. Originally from Ohio, Paulette lives in Rumson, is a mother of four, and a hair stylist. With her youngest child about to leave for college, Paulette has found the time to pursue her passion for Pilates.

Why did you decide to teach Pilates?  I have always been active. Throughout my life I have always known the value in exercise. I danced in high school, ran marathons, and throughout have dabbled in Pilates. During Covid my routine changed and I started practicing Pilates daily and found that connecting to my mind and my body was very calming . When I heard about the opportunity to become a teacher, it was perfect timing. My youngest is going off to college in August and I will have an empty nest. I realized I like to take care of people, the cutting hair, raising kids, and now teaching Pila

What is your favorite apparatus and why?
The Cadillac is probably my favorite apparatus because it’s so versatile. I can do most every Pilates exercise on the tower or some variation of it. I also love the original 34 mat exercise which are incredibly challenging and can be done anywhere you can lay down.

What is the best part of Real Pilates Teacher Training? What is the most challenging?
The structure and the community are the best. The teachers are so knowledgeable . I am proud to be taught by teachers with lineage to Joseph Pilates and Romana Kryzanowska. The challenge for me is just having so many ideas of how I want to create my career as a 53 year old. Also teacher training is no joke but I am up for the challenge.