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Meet Our Real Pilates Teacher in Training Tara Campos.

Tara is no stranger to fitness industry. She is a certified pilates instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. But like all great teachers, she is also a perpetual student. She is hoping to continue her education and sharpen her pilates teaching skills by bridging to Real Pilates Teacher Training Program and receiving her second classical certification.

Aside from a fitness career, Tara has worked in the education field for 15 years and was even an assistant principal of a high school.

Q. Why did you decide to bridge to Real Pilates Teacher Training ?
A. As a bridge trainee, the best part of RPTT is deepening my existing knowledge of classical Pilates – specifically honing my “hands on” skills and selecting appropriate exercises for clients’ needs.

Q. What is your favorite apparatus and why?
A. The Ladder Barrel allows me to truly “melt my spine.” When I use it, I feel both graceful and athletic!

Q. What was your Pilates AHA moment?
A. It happened when I began to draw connections between the exercises – similarities within the order, progressions, etc. – and gained a better understanding of how classical Pilates is a system.

Q. What are your hobbies when you are out of the studio?
A. Walking my dogs, eating delicious food, and shopping for unique second hand finds.

Q. Complete this sentence- How do you want your client to feel when they finish their workout?
A. Exhausted but exhilarated.

Check out Tara’s weekly virtual mat class Sundays at 930 am. You can take a session with Tara at The Pilates Project Thursday mornings and Saturday mornings in August.