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If you’re going to build something – you would want to build it to last. Who wants a car that breaks down after a few days of driving, or a shirt that fades after the first wash? Our bodies are not stagnant things. We move, flow, grow, learn, and change over time. If we’re not growing, we’re not living. And time is essential to life. We yearn for longevity to be able to accomplish all of the things we want to. We stretch and stretch time everyday – trying to make the most of it.

So what’s the deal with all this time talk? Is this blog about time? Well, yes and no. This blog is about giving your body a chance to maximize the amount of time it has to thrive. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already doing some form of exercise. Maybe you run, lift weights or bike. But maybe you’re not doing Pilates. Joe Pilates believed that his method was the secret to health and longevity. So what are the benefits to adding Pilates into your already active lifestyle?

Understand Your Mind-Body Connection to Alleviate Stress

Pilates will teach you have to integrate your mind-body connection so that you can perform other physical activities with more concentration and focus. Pilates can even help to alleviate the stresses of a busy, demanding lifestyle. Pilates Project client, Gene Killian has been studying martial arts and kung fu since he was in high school. “Pilates helps me keep up”, says Gene. “I’m 58 and by far the oldest guy in my kung fu class. Pilates has definitely had a positive impact on my life. Running a business and practicing law are stressful, and Pilates practice helps me combat that stress.” Pilates Project client and fitness enthusiast Aileen Tuorto says, “Pilates really has become part of my everyday life. Not only using my powerhouse when doing everyday activities, but breathing correctly and just checking my posture throughout the day.  Over the past few years this has made me stronger and happier physically and emotionally.”

Increase Your Flexibility & Core Strength to Alleviate Chronic Pain

Joe Pilates believed that a flexible spine was the fountain of youth. Pilates will help address and fix the underlying physical issues that can lead to back pain. Things like weak core support and poor posture can lead to bigger problems down the road. Client and Mixed Marital Arts Trainer, Anthony Codispoti says Pilates has “100% hands down had a massive positive effect on my body in karate. I’m kicking higher and with more flexibility closing in on 50 years old then in my 20’s. Its drastically improved my life even. Working on my core and strengthening and stretching my body in ways I truly needed. I lived with a lot of upper back pain for years that is now gone.”

Increase Your Stamina, Control & Form to Prevent Injury

Ever try to pick something heavy up from the floor without proper form? Ouch. Pilates will teach you to align your body in the way it was intended, to prevent injury.  “I have realized Pilates has made a huge difference in my ability to execute the exercises during classes – every exercise seems to be derived from a Pilates move –  and my stamina while walking/jogging.  I think about using my powerhouse when moving and it has not only made a difference in my ability, but the amount of time I need to recover –  and I’m not getting “hurt” anymore!” – Aileen Tuorto. Avid skier and Pilates Project instructor Kathy Brown says, “I’ve been skiing regularly probably about 25 years or so. Having a strong core has helped me improve my balance, agility and control. If you have balance, strength and proper alignment you ski more efficiently and fall less!”

Stay Stronger, Longer 

Like life itself, Pilates is a system. And much like waking in the morning to going to sleep at  night, a Pilates session goes from beginning to end – repeating necessary and essential movements – adding on as you go. It rarely gets easier – in fact the better you get, the harder it seems. Pilates teaches you that the smallest details can change everything. That even though you may not be climbing Mount Everest, you are accomplishing small feats that in time will amount to something big. Just like life, in Pilates you are never done learning. Pilates was meant for the long haul. It makes you more able, more stable, more connected to the world around you and will give you and your flexible spine more time.

“We retire too early and we die too young. Our prime of life should be in the 70’s and old age should not come until we are almost 100.” Joseph Pilates