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As 2019 comes to a close, we thought we’d recap some of our proudest Pilates moments! This year we collectively taught 4,500 Pilates sessions and almost 7,000 visits! We ran our successful “Girl Power” Pilates summer camp and as we committed to teaching and preserving the classical method, we trained 2 fantastic instructors, Michelle & Amanda, adding them to our team. We are in the process of training Cathy and Toni in the Real Pilates method as well.

Some of our most inspirational moments are when we watch you all get stronger, move better feel better, and create your body mind connection. Without naming names, this year— a man who started Pilates in January who had so many aches and pains and could not touch his toes, is now doing teasers on the box and exercises with his legs overhead! A woman in her mid 70’s shocked her doctor by gaining 2 pounds of muscle mass! A woman with chronic pain now does not have any pain at all. Many of you have told us that your knees no longer hurt when you run and you have have found muscles in your bodies you didn’t even know you had. We’ve watched you move more, get leaner, longer and we’ve received your text messages saying how strong you feel. Cheers to all of you and your accomplishments! We couldn’t be more proud. Here’s to another year of Pilates in 2020.

Happy New Year!
Love, The Pilates Project