560K River Road
Fair Haven, NJ 07704

In-Studio Group Pilates Training

We are currently offering safe socially distanced small group classes limited to 3-4 people. 

Small group classes are a cost-effective option for those who have taken our introductory package or those with previous Pilates experience. Our 50-55 minute group sessions have a maximum of four participants. Our instructors will guide you through workouts on the mat, tower, reformer, barrels, chairs, and/or jump board.

Benefits of Group Sessions

  • Cost-effective
  • Camraderie and inspire each other

Class Descriptions

GROUP APPARATUS: Our signature semi-private class. Learn Pilates the way it was intended — as a system of exercises using a variety of different apparatus. In our 55-minute workout, we use reformers, high chairs, wunda chairs, arm chairs, barrels, spine correctors, pedipoles, tower springs and more to achieve strength, length, and toned muscles, as well as a strong mind body connection.

EMPOWER TOWER: Four people to one instructor. Tower class combines mat work with traditional Cadillac exercises, utilizing the leg springs, arm springs, push through bar, and rollback bar. This class will guarantee to challenge your abdominals, tone your arms, glutes and thighs while leaving you feeling energized and stretched out.

SPRINGTONE: You don’t need anything more than the magic of the Pilates springs to get your heart rate up, your muscles burning and your whole body challenged to the core. SpringTone® is the ideal resistance training class, utilizing various weighted springs to strengthen and sculpt you strong. Using timed circuits and cycling through body parts, you’ll heat up, tone up and lean out all while having a blast.

Virtual Classes

Live stream Pilates mat classes are perfect for those wanting to workout in the convenience and comfort of your home. All classes are open level and sometimes include props such as weights, magic circles, bands, balls, and towels. 

Teen Classes

Pilates for ages 12-18 and up. Learning Pilates from a young age will give you a lifetime of healthy movement habits, increase body awareness, core strength, better posture and flexibility.