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Springing Back from a Crash with Pilates

Ironically, the date was was Friday the 13th of October when I crashed my car on the way to work at 7am. The last clear memory I have is driving past PNC Arts Center and then my mind gets cloudy. I remember looking up to see the guardrail in front of me. Within...

Pilates During & After Pregnancy: Interview

One on one with client, Rebecca Sarnicola. How did you get started with Pilates? Pilates was introduced to me by a personal trainer I knew while at school in Boston (2005). When her gym started introducing pilates classes to clients, (being the workout enthusiast that...
How Pilates is Changing My Body: Week 1

How Pilates is Changing My Body: Week 1

My name is Patricia Magistrado, and I am the intern at The Pilates Project for the next month. As a graduating senior at Biotechnology High School, I get to spend the last month of the school year at an internship of my choice. My interest in Pilates and my background...
Consistency is Key: 52 Weeks of Pilates

Consistency is Key: 52 Weeks of Pilates

(Doug practices his hanging pull up) Here at The Pilates Project, we believe that consistency is key to creating any kind lasting change. Our client, Doug, committed to that notion and completed 2 sessions a week for 52 weeks straight! Read more about his journey...