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Everyday is another chance to make a change. It sounds easy enough, right? Truth is, the daily rat race makes it difficult to make decisions when it comes to reevaluating our health, our minds and our bodies. With hectic work schedules, parenting responsibilities and the external demands of a fast paced lifestyle, somedays it’s hard enough just to finish a full cup of coffee or get in a quick catch up with a friend. But that all changes every year on January 1st. A new year is a new beginning. The great thing about life is that it’s cyclical and when the yearly circle reaches the beginning – that is where you start again. 

Speaking of circles, think for a second that your health is like a pie. Each piece of the pie complements the other and if one piece is missing, it throws off the whole thing. We like to think of Pilates as one piece of the “pie” of health. Pilates has an abundant amount of mind/body benefits but in order to achieve the most optimal health possible, you need to complete the circle. You need the whole pie. One piece doesn’t replace the other rather it adds to the whole. 

At The Pilates Project, we focus on health as multi-dimensional and well-rounded. We are proud to recommend the following tried and true wellness methods and respective businesses we believe to be great complements to the Pilates lifestyle! Here’s what the practitioners had to say about their approach to wellness. 


Our Pick: Eighty: Eat for Life www.eateighty.com 

“At Eighty, we believe in eating for life. It has been clinically proven, again and again, that what and how we eat significantly affects our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. There is no way to have a truly “healthy” body, no matter how many Pilates classes you take, if you’re not giving your body what it needs to thrive. Eighty Nutrition offers a variety of services, including nutrition coaching, food education, meal planning, nutritional therapy, accountability groups, and group cleanses, all focused on enabling and empowering clients to eat the best way for their bodies and lifestyles. We know that one size does not fit all, and work with our clients to create a unique blueprint for whatever their health needs and desires may be, whether it’s weight loss, more energy, reducing medical symptoms, a better routine for feeding their families, or just feeling better naked. Visit us at www.eateighty.com to learn more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @eateighty for our upcoming group events!” – Alison Kucich, founder of Eighty. 

Eighty is offering The Pilatesroject clients these great New Year’s Deals! 

  • Eighty’s two-week Real Food Winter Cleanse, beginning 1/14
    $85 for Pilates Project clients (regularly $99)
  • 15% off all Eighty Nutrition services for Pilates Project clients, through 1/31/19 


Our Pick: Velocity Chiropractic and Sports Rehab, Red Bank NJ www.velocitychironj.com

“Velocity is comprised of a team of chiropractic physicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists who love working with active adults and athletes. We believe that the key to success is striving for optimum health with every patient by helping them to maintain balance within the human body. In our daily routines we call life there are constantly physical, emotional and chemical stresses that degrade your quality of living. We help the body achieve optimum expression of health in conjunction with excellent fitness facilities like the Pilates Project. – Dr. John O’Connor, founder Velocity Chiropractic and Sports Rehab 


Our Pick: Jason Kalfin Licensed Massage Therapist, Fair Haven NJ
(201) 240-6142; Tamara Squire Licensed Massage Therapist Fair Haven, NJ (732)614-6407.

“Humans are under daily stresses whether it’s with work, relationships, or an exercise routine. For some, their muscles are in a contracted  tight or painful state. My approach is simple – work the muscles & muscle groups origin to insertions. Address deeper areas of tension aka trigger points. Then lengthen lengthen lengthen! Oh and don’t forget to breathe into your stretches.” – Jason Kalfin, LMT

So as we kick off this new year of new beginnings – remember to give yourself the pie – the whole pie and hopefully the healthiest year of living yet. Happy New Year everyone!