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Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Joseph Pilates’ method! So why should it be taught in a day or a weekend course?  At The Pilates Project we believe in teaching Pilates as it was created. We teach the Pilates legacy through Alycea Ungaro’s REAL Pilates teacher training program. All of our Pilates apprentices undertake a 600 comprehensive training course. During the 30 week course, teachers in training learn the original work of Joseph Pilates, all the original exercises and variations on all the pieces of apparatus. They also learn how to teach for all levels of fitness and how to challenge and inspire their students. You should snag your sessions with them while you can and here’s why…

  1. They LOVE Pilates. Our apprentices loved practicing Pilates so much that they committed to becoming Pilates instructors in an extremely intensive and demanding training program. Taking a session with someone who has an abundance of passion and focus is inspiring at the very least and hey – it might even motivate you to take a chance on something new yourself.
  2. They’ve had their “AH-HAH” moment. There’s a moment in a Pilates practice where you finally connect your mind to your body and all the exercises in the system make sense. The moment that makes you go “Oh, now I get it!!” Our apprentices have all had that moment and they can’t wait to share it with you! Ask them what helped them make their connection and what made them go “ah-hah!”
  3. Sessions are usually offered at a CHEAPER rate. Pilates is a commitment both physically and financially. Why not take advantage of adding another session a week at a discounted rate? Ask us about our apprentice session rate to pump up your Pilates practice! 

Get to know some of our apprentices in our Apprentice Spotlight. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us!