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Hi there. You look familiar. We know you. You love Pilates. Your Pilates studio is a place you frequent once, twice, maybe even three times per week. Instructors have become trusted mentors, workout buddies have become confidants, and your body is starting to feel a lot less like an enemy and a lot more like a friend. You’ve toyed with the idea of taking your Pilates passion to the next level for but haven’t been able to make that big commitment. You know you can do it but you need to get your feet wet first before you dive in. We’ve got some good news for you—

We have launched the Real Pilates Immersion Program!

The RP Immersion Program is a 6-week course designed for someone, like you, who loves Pilates, has thought about becoming a teacher but is not ready to commit to a Comprehensive Teacher Training Program. Maybe it’s timing, finances or just plain uncertainty. The RP Immersion Program is also perfect for the die hard practitioner who wants to learn the work from a different perspective or for the Contemporary Pilates instructor interested in learning more about the Classical method.

Why is the Real Pilates Teacher Training program so special?

There is something to be said for keeping it REAL in all aspects of life. We strive for real relationships, real food, real news, so why not Real Pilates? When you enroll in a RP teacher training program, you will be learning the classical method in depth. You’ll find out what you need to succeed for a long term career as a Pilates instructor directly under the lineage of Joseph Pilates himself. Joe taught Romana, Romana taught RP’s Alycea Ungaro, and you are the next in line. No need for 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon here, we’ve got you covered in just 3.

Details and all the good stuff about the RP Immersion Program can be found below. Take a look and talk to us about taking the first step!


  • WORKOUT– Take both a Private and a Semi Private Session each week for 6 weeks.
  • PRACTICE– Follow REAL Pilates’ self practice study guide which includes access the to the Pilates Project facility during business hours to workout.
  • LEARN– Take an abridged 6 weeks online course via Canvas, RP’s online learning platform. This will expose you to the study format of Real Pilates and help you begin to explore the critical thinking component of being a successful teacher. Complete with weekly homework.
  • TEACH– Opportunities to assist Pilates Project Instructors and practice teaching.
  • DETERMINE– If you decide to enroll in the Real Pilates Teacher Training program following the 6 week immersion, you will receive a program discount and 25 hours towards your certification.

Total Cost of 6-Week Program: $799

Email studio@thepilatesproject.net to register