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Carrie Clark-Campbell

Workshops with Carrie Clark Campbell are now available to purchase online!
Creative Tower Choreography $125, 3 PMA CECs
Pilates for Pregnancy and Beyond $125, 4 PMA CECs
Buy them Both and save $25, 7 PMA CECs
(see course descriptions below)

Pilates for Pregnancy & Beyond

In this 3 hour previously recorded workshop we will explore common conditions associated with pregnancy as well as the postpartum period.  This course includes a comprehensive study of pre and postnatal physiology that can be applied to private sessions or group classes. Pregnancy is a highly physiologic state and week by week a woman’s needs are changing so it is important to be knowledgeable about how to train these clients effectively. We will look at the Pilates Method as a whole and decipher what is right and wrong to do while pregnant within each trimester. More importantly, we will look at what there is within the Pilates vocabulary to benefit a woman’s needs while pregnant and better prepare her for labor, delivery and motherhood.  We will study the musculature of pelvic floor and learn how to teach Kegels properly through imagery and breath. Earn 3 PMS CECs after short quiz.

$125, 4 PMA CECs

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Creative Tower Choreography

In this previously recorded workshop, you will get a new perspective on teaching Tower classes by getting creative with Tower choreography. There are so many interesting variations that you can do on the Tower but how do you group them together to maximize the flow of the workout? Unlike other parts of the Pilates Method, the Tower has no set order and thus many teachers feel confused about how to structure a 55min Tower class. Come learn how to advance and progress your clients through and intermediate/advanced level Tower class with lots of exciting variations. The variations we learn in this workshop are appropriate for intermediate and advanced clients but NOT beginners. Safe set-ups are key to teaching a great Tower class so we will also go over how to get into and out of each exercise. Earn 3 PMS CECs after short quiz. 

$125 / 3PMA CECs

Purchase HERE

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