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At the Pilates Project we help people get strong. Not by lifting heavy weights or doing hundreds of planks and push ups but by helping people connect to and work their muscles from the inside out.

We teach you to use your powerhouse, an ensemble of muscles that include deep abdominals, glutes, upper back, inner thighs, and triceps to achieve strength, stamina, stretch, and stability. Once you find these muscles, you will have a strength you didn’t know was possible.

We believe that personalized instruction is the key to achieving your best pilates body. At the Pilates Project, we teach private and small group sessions only. Your teacher will be knowledgeable and motivating and always know your name, your injury, and/or your fitness goal.

The Pilates Project is the place to learn the method that Joe Pilates created. All of our instructors are classically trained, have hundreds of hours of expertise, know how to work with all different bodies and fitness levels on all pieces of Pilates apparatus, and are first, second, and third generation teachers in the lineage of Mr. Pilates and his protege, Romana Kryzanowska.

The Pilates Project was founded by Sandi Vilacoba in 2011, but her relationship with Pilates started many years before. As a young dancer who suffered from a hip injury and an eating disorder, Sandi began pilates in the early 2000s to rehabilitate and rebuild her strength and body image. After falling in love with the method, she became certified to teach in 2004. Pilates has never let her down. The workout kept her strong and healthy through her 20s and helped her recover from a difficult twin pregnancy in her mid 30s. As a busy mother of two and an entrepreneur, Pilates keeps her strong and pain free in her 40s. The body is constantly changing. Keeping it strong and balanced is always a project.

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